Thursday, October 8, 2015

Perfect days

1000 Places to See Before You Die

Have you heard of this book?  Need a bucket list?  Look no further.  One can't possibly venture everywhere , but the book offers a plethora of ideas.  

I have to admit.  It sure is fun checking off restaurants, towns, states, and even famous spas to pamper yourself.  There are endless possibilities in this guide.

Flying to far off lands is definitely an experience I hope you have done.  
When we landed in England, I was giddy.  We're talking running around in circles, jumping up and down like  a crazed dog, pure joy, giddy.   I waited for years to arrive in this enchanted land.   The holiday was everything I dreamed  it would be, plus much more.  A perfect day, every day I was there.

We can't travel every day, although I wish I could!

When that doesn't happen, there are ordinary, perfect  days . Take yesterday for instance.
I started my day like most.  Got up, showered, made my tea.   I got in my car, drove to work. Ordinary day.

Until he showed up at my place of work.
This is my dear friend John.  Smartest man I think I know.  Really.  He's smart. I'm not.  Seriously! I am in awe we are friends with him and Yvonne.  Miracle.  I love how we met.  Anyway...

So, John comes to my office to deliver these...
He made them on his laser cutter.  Yes, I wrote MADE.  I can't even comprehend how he did it, and I saw the cutter myself!  What did he make these for?  Stay tuned.  My Monday blog will reveal!

THEN, he asked me to lunch AND I got to hitch a ride with him in his sports car.  I took a picture, but it did not turn out---BUMMER.  We went to a nice restaurant and had a lovely conversation.  A real talk with a real friend.  BONUS- I took part of my meal home with me and finished it for dinner!  I loved our time together and hated to leave, but had to get back to work.

In short, he's the best!

After work, I needed to walk off that meal, so I headed here.
Stillwater, MN.  The leaves are starting to change.  A breathtaking view.
I made it up and down these steps on this perfect day.  Up 8 times, down 8 times!  A woman on the steps cheered me on saying, "Way to go!"  AND an elderly woman stood at the top of the stairs and said, "You will live," to all of us stupid enough to climb those uneven steps!   I thought she was pretty hilarious!

I never tire of looking at the leaves.  This time of year, its as if the trees got splattered with a paintbrush. The colors are spectacular.
My reward for climbing all those steps!  Chai tea from my favorite cafe.
Excellent food, and yes, a cycle shop too!

Sometimes a perfect day means being with dear friends, sharing in meaningful conversation over a lovely meal.  Look around at this lovely world we live in, and drink in all that it has to offer.

I hope you enjoy a perfect day today.


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