Thursday, December 10, 2015

A Favorite Tradition

What will the story be this year?

Each holiday season, the department store (Daytons, Marshall Fields, Macys---the name changed a few times!) came out with a new display.  The magic took place on the 8th floor and kids and adults alike gazed in pure wonder at the twinkle lights and the magnificent costumes and props.

I remember the first year we went.  The lines were crazy to get in.  The kids were small, but we were determined.  It must be good if people stood in line for literally hours!  And that is exactly what we did.  For two hours, we made our way from one floor to the next,wondering if it would all be worth it. Indeed, it was.  So very worth it.  The tradition had begun.  We were treated to a Dickens Christmas.  We were hooked.

Think of it like opening a book, only you get to walk through it instead of turning the pages.  Below are a few examples of stories we have seen throughout the years.  

Sadly, the past few years the story has stayed the same.  A Day In The Life of an Elf.  The above photo shows the elves at work in one of a dozen or so vignettes.  It really is a sight to behold.  The artists work hard to bring the story  to life.    Even if it is the same one!  Honestly though, we are bummed! We have seen such classics as The Wind in the Willows, The Wizard of Oz, A Christmas Carol...the list is endless.  We very much  looked forward to the surprise of which story it would be that year.  But, all  good things must come to an end.  Yes, it is the same one again this year, but we will go,  regardless.  It's tradition!  
My kids are still looking forward to going.  

Do you have any traditions that you must do each year?  


  1. We used to go there when our children were younger--actually, we went there when I was younger! My grandma worked at that Daytons for years, so we'd visit her then walk through the book. Special memories!

    It's too bad that the story stays the same now, and that the Holidazzle parade doesn't go down Nicollet Mall anymore. Those were great family traditions!

    1. Hi Brenda! Thanks for commenting. Sounds like you have great memories of your grandmother. Fun, that she worked at Daytons! I bet the department store was decorated for Christmastime in such a way that was unforgettable. My kids remember so many of the stories they walked through on the 8th floor. They have said how much they looked forward to bringing their own children there some day. Hopefully, the one story will stay there so they can do that one day! I am thinking lots of families are missing this wonderful tradition. Happy Christmas to you and your family.