Thursday, December 31, 2015

My Solution

Patients in my office say they would rather "give birth than be in the dental chair."
Well, that pretty much describes  how I feel about shopping for clothes.  Madonna may be a Material Girl. Good for her. Me? ...not  so much.

 Walking in to  the nearest Kohl's or Macy's department store makes me break out in hives--literally.    The fluorescent lights, the abundance of choices...way too overwhelming for me.  And the mirrors in the fitting rooms? They remind me of being at the circus.  Remember those? The  reflection looking back is  actually quite frightening!   Don't you just love  the sign fastened to the mirror stating:  ROOMS ARE BEING MONITORED.   Who's looking? And  for how long?   Are they right behind the mirror laughing at my muffin top?  Ummmm...No thanks.

Enter= MY SOLUTION.  Call it my New Year's resolution ( I really don't believe in those, but it is New Years!)

I've heard about stitch fix from reading a few different blogs and  women in general. I decided to check it out. I went online and filled in a little survey about what kinds of styles I liked and didn't. I completed my address and waited for my box to arrive.

It's here!
Came right to my doorstep.  Didn't have to step into a store OR a fitting room!  
What is under the wrapping?
5 items... and they all fit!  First box! A pair of jeans, a dress, 2 sweaters and a pair of earrings.   I am impressed!  I have 3 days to decide if I will keep them. If not, I just send them back in the postage paid bag.  Win Win!
I think I'm going to like this new way of shopping!

I'll keep you updated periodically on my keepers and returns.

Happy New Year.

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