Monday, December 14, 2015

A Room at the Inn

This past weekend, we traveled by car to Missouri for a family wedding.
Driving gave us some options, and one was to take our time getting to our destination.  The wedding wasn't until Saturday evening, and so we decided to split the drive time and stay at a bed and breakfast halfway.  

Hotels are so generic. I much prefer to stay at B and B's. We have met some very gracious innkeepers and stayed in lovely, unique homes.  I can't help but think of my beloved England while staying at such Inns.
We stayed here at
A cozy Victorian in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

This is the carriage house where we stayed in the Heisel Room.
You have to admit...this is  much more cozy than a hotel room!
   Yes, that is a King size bed, and yes, those are chocolates on our pillows!
Breakfast is always a treat at an Inn.  The table was set with fine Christmas china, water goblets, candles, and the smell of gingerbread entranced us as we floated to our seats.  We dined with a professor and his wife, and learned more about the painting,  American Gothic (famous in these parts and now in the Art Institute of Chicago--- you must go and see if you never have).
                                            Fruit with yogurt,
                                             TEA--of course!
                              And---french toast and sausage.  YUM!
The innkeepers paid close attention to every detail during our stay.  The room, chocolates, heater for our towels, books on the desk (one I happen to be reading at the moment---that just made me smile when I saw it there on the desk)...

 their tree decorated  brilliantly, twinkling so bright while we ate our delicious breakfast, conversation with some new acquaintances.  Staying here was a great way to stop and be thankful for the simple things in life...a nice warm bed, a good book, scrumptious food and lively conversation.

Have you ever stayed in a bed and breakfast?  Where? What did you like most about your stay?

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