Monday, January 4, 2016

New Year, Last Season

Whatever will I do without the familiar score at the beginning of Downton Abbey?  Or, what about the ringing of the bell, the floral arrangement losing its petal, the handwritten letters posted and  ready to be mailed, and the feather duster tidying the chandelier?

Lets not go there for now, okay?

Julian Fellowes has done a tremendous job with characterization. I laughed out loud a few times last evening as Mrs. Patmoore tried to talk with Mr Carson about "such things." So funny when she had to turn the other way as not to look him in the eye!  Mrs. Hughes sure was asking a lot of Mrs. P. don't you think?!

Will Lady Mary and Lady Edith ever get along?
And that Miss Denker--she is quite the gossip.  A perfect Ladie's Maid? Well, maybe not! The Dowager knows how to handle her!

A few lines I loved...
"I would rather be single, than be with the wrong man."--Lady Mary
"Is it cold up there on that mountain top?--Dowager to Cousin Crawley!

Maggie Smith cracks me up!  She is one convincing actress. Remember this line from episode three?
Cora: "I think Granny's right."
Dowager:  "Can somebody write that down?" HA!

So thrilled that Anna and Mr Bates can now have some  peace.  Whew! But, will they ever "truly" be happy? Anna seems not able  to get pregnant.  I feel so bad for her. Now that is true writing when the author can get to you emotionally.  I feel like I could be friends with every single character--including Barrow!  I have to remind myself often this is only fictional. It is not real! Although, I wish it were!

I am going to miss Downton Abbey.
What did you think of the first episode?


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