Thursday, December 1, 2016

Unexpected Joys

Don't you just love it when in the middle of an ordinary week, something extraordinary happens?

So this happened . . .
My beautiful, talented (and pregnant-wink!wink!We're so excited) niece Beth, sent me this handmade card this week. I love sending snail mail. Such a sweet joy to receive one in the mail all for me!

Then, the next day, I was double blessed again.
My lovely writer friend Erica MADE and sent me this book bag, along with this really fun note of encouragement. I'm still smiling. WOW. What a joy to come home and find this package waiting for me. She made it for me. Me. I am in awe when I receive a gift that was made by hand. So much time and energy goes into such priceless gifts.  My dear friend Yvonne made me a quilt not long ago. That too, still makes me tear up when I think of all those hours put into making something that priceless for me. I will keep these gifts close to my heart, always.

The same day I received my book bag, my sweet friend Vickie sent me a lovely note.
Encouragement is such a gift. Hand made notes mean more than one could ever know. I am just so blessed to have such wonderful friends and family.  

I hope you are having such a lovely week as I.

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