Thursday, August 10, 2017

Last Month

As the calendar flips to a new month, I've pondered July. There's much to be grateful for.

I spent lots of time writing out invitations for a most important date...our daughter's upcoming wedding. Less than a month away now.
Meet Barrett. My new nephew. He's a keeper. Life. It's a beautiful thing.
Spent July 4 out on the water with friends. Best fireworks we've seen in a long while. I cherish my friendships.
Spent a day with my cousin.  He's become quite the farmer. Fresh food. A gift.
I loved spending time with my writer friends at this retreat. It was simply divine to brainstorm with them and just be with them. They get my need to write.
I had the extreme privilege meeting  these two fabulous literary agents. I gleaned so much from them that evening. They are truly lovely. Maybe some day one of them will be my agent??? A girl can dream.  
Ear surgery. Dreaded, but much needed. My ear is feeling better day by day. I no longer will take for granted my sense of hearing.
A bridal shower for my daughter. It's getting real.
The cupcakes were my favorite. Preparing for a wedding has made me more aware of my husband. He's a gem. I got the better deal when we said "I do."  He's exactly the person I need.
Spent some time up north with my family. Memories flood my mind the moment I arrive.  I always visit my grandparents' grave.  It is so fascinating to me that because these two fell in love, there is all of us. It's a lovely thought.
 This is my cousin. He's a miracle. I got to listen to the ticking of his artificial valve. It saved his life. I'm so glad he's here!
And this is my aunt. My dad's sister. I feel connected to my dad whenever I am around my aunts and uncles. He's been gone now for over 18 years. Sucks, but again, so thankful for relatives.
On the last day of July, I did this. Tried on my dress for the wedding. Eeeeeek! Good thing. It's a little snug. I have one month to give myself a little wiggle room. Here's hoping!

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