Monday, February 12, 2018


Dreams come true. 
Meet Rachel.
I met her at a writing conference a few months before this picture was taken.
I decided at the conference to come to this retreat with Rachel and many other writers. We're on the beach in Destin, Florida in this photo.

Here's where we got to work out our stories. was grand.

Rachel only briefly (very briefly) mentioned a dream to have her book become a movie at this retreat. If you weren't listening, you wouldn't have even heard it.

Well, fast forward to last week.

She finally got to spill the secret.
Her book is now being filmed for the Hallmark channel. It's going to be a movie!! 

Here's the book.
Once Upon A Prince!
A tale about an American girl and a prince. 
Sound familiar?
I don't know for sure, but I'm guessing the screening just might coincide with a certain huge wedding being planned across the pond??? Hmmmmm....timing is everything. Who knows for sure? Only Rachel and she's not telling!

Stay tuned!
Want to know more about Rachel?
Visit her website at


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