Thursday, February 1, 2018

Two Things

Well, it happened.
I turned 50.
It was amazing.
Every second of my day was wonder filled in every way.

We spent the night at the Saint Paul Hotel. Wonderful doesn't really describe the place. Check for yourself!
Hubby wanted to eat here for breakfast. It's a pretty famous dining car in St Paul. Many movies have been filmed at this location and lots and lots of famous people have stopped by.
Here's a peek inside. It was quite entertaining listening to the staff speak of the place. I was perusing the back of the menu, peeking at the "who's who" list.
In the meantime, the staff learned (thanks to hubby) I was celebrating my big birthday. He can be such a big mouth!! 

Me: "New Kids on the Block ate here?"
Server: "Yes. They're actually really nice guys. I waited on them. And by the way, they're not New anymore. They're the OLD kids now. Kind-a like you...OLD!"
Seriously! He said that! Witty dude. Good thing I can take it!!  It actually was pretty funny. SIGH!
BTW, the hash browns were amazing.
Pedicures! They're the best.
I'm not even embarrassed to admit this...(okay, maybe a little...insert whispering here!) I didn't shave before I went.   Shhhhh!!!  
Nope. I didn't!  
The gal doing my pedicure told me she actually likes it better if her clients don't shave. GASP! She told me it feels like "prickly cactus" otherwise!  HA! Score for me!
Are you surprised? Of course I'd go to a bookstore on my birthday! Duh!

So, I named this blog Two Things.

Two things stood out to me on my day. Of course, the entire day was magical. Delightful, lovely, entrancing, fabulous, wondrous. It was great.

First one: 
My phone was on silent and I forgot about it throughout the day. When I realized it, there was a voicemail. From Spain. At first I thought it was a scam call, so I ignored it. Later in the day, I saw it on my phone and decided to call my voicemail. To my sheer delight, it was my dear friends from Spain. I was so sorry I hadn't picked up at first. 
Ironically, I saw a movie on my birthday. It was about a guy who received a voicemail and called it every day for eight years just to hear the voice on the other end.
I believe seeing that movie wasn't a coincidence just because of this very dear call from Spain. If I would have answered, they would have sang happy birthday to me and that would have been that. But now, I have their recorded voices and I get to play it over and over again. Like right now...I just played it while writing this! I LOVE THAT so much. It is a dear gift to me and one that I get to re gift myself over and over again.

I'm telling you, things happen for a reason. 

Then, second one:

Hubby and I needed to get gas in our car. He filled and I went in to pay. I knew immediately the guy behind the counter was in an awesome mood and was just so jolly. He was genuinely interested in how my day was going. 
Well, ask my best friend whom I spent most of the day with...I told EVERYONE I came in contact with that it was my birthday, and not just any birthday, but my 50th.
This 20 something cashier heard my proclamation too! What proceeded still makes me giggle. 

Not kidding. He jumped around, saying "You're kidding!" "You just made my day." He sang  me 'happy birthday.' I soaked it all in. It was great! (I'm smiling right now!) We high-fived each other, my white hand entwining his black hand. Our eyes met and we just smiled the biggest smiles at each other and didn't let go of each others' hands. Other customers caught our sincere kindness toward one another. It was a magical moment. Such a great way to start my year of jubilee.

I'm telling you, we are entertaining angels on a continual basis. The gifts are everywhere. We just have to be open to see them.

The future looks bright.

Happy jubilee to me the whole year through!

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