Monday, April 22, 2013

Afternoon Tea

Antique tablecloths spread across round tables with fine china and cloth napkins, set in circular fashion  to greet its eager guests for an afternoon of gaiety and laughter.
Women came dressed in their finest.  Black dresses, pearls, gloves, furs, and hats.
Oh the hats.
(Yep, that's me in the yellow hat!)
Colors of every kind.  Some with netting, others with feathers.  There were red hat society ladies in their distinct red and purple apparel.
Vintage was in vogue.

Each table tried to out do the other with their own designs.  My friends and I (all 8 of us)  went for the silver platter, black gloves, Downton Abbey theme.  We, regrettably did not win, but hope to still make it front page in one of the area newspapers!  I will keep you updated if we do!
There was food to be eaten, and tea to be drank, and prizes to be won, and lessons to be learned.  The speaker communicated so eloquently the importance of change.  Change in life is good.  We need to move out of our comfort zone.  What are our goals?
She then spoke of the Daffodil Principle.  I had not heard of this so I intently listened.
There is such a real place in California that bursts of thousands of daffodils.  All because one woman planted each one, bulb by bulb.  One at a time.  This place inspires all who go.  Anything is possible.
What is stopping you from your goal?  "Our thoughts confine or make us"
I encourage you to look up...The Daffodil Principle.

This Afternoon Tea brought such glorious sunshine on an otherwise gloomy day.  I am grateful for such fun friends and just this opportunity to enjoy a few of my favorite things!
Hope your Sunday was just as fun.  


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