Wednesday, April 17, 2013

It is spring right?

Daffodils are usually showing off their unique teacup bright yellow cheerfulness,
tulips are freeing themselves from the confinement of the earth, and the grass is turning green.  This time last year we mowed our lawn twice already.

As I peer out my front window, the look is cloudy, bleak, discouraging, dreary, and every other gloomy word one can think of.
It is cold and rainy and cutting and downright brisk.

I am tired of this weather.  Sick sick sick of it.  I keep hearing, "we need the moisture."  I think we have surpassed the "need" mark!
My car thermometer has been reading 39 degrees for far too long.  I think it's broke!
I am eating too much, complaining too much, bundling up too much, and not getting near enough exercise.

I want that blazing, radiant, big orange/yellow ball that reflects glorious heat and gives sunburns if you don't wear sunscreen,  to come out and play.  The sun that makes us stay up late because it doesn't set until at least eight, to come out and play!   The sun that scatters joy everywhere just by burning brightly up in that brilliant sky.
It has been awhile, a long while, so please come out and play.

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  1. Come visit us! Here it's cold when we're in the 60's. And we were in the 70's today and projected to reach the 80's by the weekend. :-D