Saturday, April 6, 2013

Good thing I wore my boots!

 This has been our month to see the wildlife.  First we saw the eagles, and now this!  This morning my husband was on his way back from going to the garbage dump.  (got out of that again!)

He came into the house so excited.  He yelled, "Gail, get the binoculars and come quick!"

I thought...what in the world is he talking about?

"You have to see this...hurry!"
"There are so many swans I can't count them all" , he declared.
He was beyond delirious with excitement.
We drove just about two miles from our home, and there they were.  At first I was thinking that there is no way that they are swans!  Some kind of geese
maybe, but way.
I wanted a closer look, so I got out of the car and
started walking in the field.  I was soon knee deep in mud, but I didn't care.  I was going to get a great  
picture.  I wanted to get one of these two swans close enough together that it would look like a heart
formed when their two heads were together. you can see by the picture that didn't work out too well.
We sat just staring at these creatures for about a half hour.  It was great.  Still can't believe they were so close to our home.  When we returned back home, we went straight to the internet wondering about swans in this part of the country.  We found there are 200 nesting pairs of swans in WI.  The trumpeter swan comes to this area in late March.  We also learned they mate for life!  I am guessing we probably saw at least 35 of them in this marsh area by us owned by the WI DNR.  We were privileged to see these beautiful creatures.  It made this gloomy day in April, exceptionally bright.  

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