Thursday, May 22, 2014


Ever met someone and felt like you were being entertained by an angel?
Their very presence just begs for more conversation.  Uplifting, glorious fellowship spent getting to know one another. 
It is easy, comfortable dialogue between two women.  One 90, the other 40.
That's how it went that fine day back a few years now. 
She told me about her family and how she missed her husband.  I remember one comment in particular.  Waving me close so no one would hear, she revealed the longing she missed the most.  It's our secret, but boy did we laugh. 
She asked about my family and she discovered I no longer had parents. 
"I need a bit of water," she abruptly said. 
Immediately I got a small glass for her. 
Taking a sip, she then proceeded to throw the rest of it in my face!
Really. She did. 
A 90 year old woman threw water in my face!
With a huge grin on her face, she then said, "There.  You're my adopted daughter now."
That is how I met June. 
A few days later, this came in the mail for me...
My Adoption Paper!  Made me cry. 
Then, not long, came this...
My birthday card from my "Adopted" mother June. 
She is referring to the party her family had for her 90th birthday of which I was invited and extremely delighted to attend.  Here is the invite...

Even the local news wanted to know about this remarkable, fabulous, extraordinary woman.  She is the Proverbs 31 woman.  Her family is blessed beyond blessed.  She is a legacy.  She is who I want to be like.  I want to be just like her.    "I thank my God every time I remember you..." Phillipians 1:3
Want to meet her?
Click here.


  1. I have no doubt at all, Gail, that this remarkable, memorable woman counts YOU as one of the blessings in her amazing life :)

    1. Thanks Yvonne. There are some really incredible people in this you! I love meeting each one. They sure jazz up my days. Each one has a story to tell. We all do. The goal is to have others meet me and say, "Wow, that was fun meeting her." Blessings.