Monday, May 5, 2014


One of the fun parts of writing that I enjoy is doing research. 
I was at  a friend's home yesterday and we were talking about organization. 
She is very organized, and I like to think I am! 
She hasn't been to my home for awhile.  I am glad! 
My den is a mess.  A mess.  And that is an understatement!
I have index cards all over the floor.  You can hardly tell what color the carpet is! 
I was going to insert a picture of it here, but decided I would rather have you think I am organized!

Ok...back to research. 
I needed to see a dog up close and personal for some scene revisions in my chapters. 
Specifically, an Old English Sheepdog. 
You know, the fluffy grey and white kind with the floppy this one!
Isn't she so cute?
We played and got to know each other. 
She has a distinct gait.  Almost a hop, like a rabbit. 
I took lots of pictures so that I could remember every detail on her coat, and the hair in her eyes, and all her fluffiness.  I love research! 

I am wondering if you could help me name this dog.  Actually the above dog has a name!  But, I need a name for the dog in my book!   
I have a few thoughts...what do you think?




  1. First choice... Ruppert. Second choice.... Baxter. Third choice.... Winston.

    What fun you writers have!!

  2. Hi dear.
    Still working on the name!
    I will update you soon!
    Writers do have fun. Making stuff up is pretty entertaining! The ZINGER lines are the best!
    Love ya