Thursday, May 15, 2014

There are signs

I've been a bit hesitant, but now I do believe it is here.  Spring. 
The grass grew enough that it needed to be mowed yesterday.   Torrential downpours helped its growth. 
I'm afraid here's trouble.  He darts around the yard like its some kind of huge smorgasbord.  I'm thinking he is pretty confident there is no dog around now to chase him away.  It is only a matter of time before he sees that he is right! 
The deer in the fields are coming closer to the house.  We catch them in the early morning hours.  We are told deer love hostas.  Time to research deer repellant! 
Mrs. Robin protecting her young.  I get to see her each morning from my kitchen window as I am making tea.  Its the simple things in life! 

Perennials awakening from their long winter's slumber.  A walk in our yard gave us a sneak peek of the show coming up in the weeks to come.  A hummingbird flitted about too fast for us to snap a picture of it taking a drink from the nectar in the feeder.    Yellow finches, Baltimore orioles, cardinals, robins... If we feed them, they will come!  We have a front row seat.  This morning I lost count after 15  yellow finches.  All at once, there they were.  Crowding around the feeders, shoving and pushing, pecking their beaks at one another for their morning meal. 
Ahh yes, spring is here. 
What's in your yard?

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