Monday, July 28, 2014

Field Trip

Not so far away from where I live, sits a historic home in the small river town of Taylors Falls, MN.
Keeping watch over the town, the Folsum house can be found on top of Angel Hill.
My writers group and I spent the afternoon touring this notable home.  The tour guide was patient with us as we had to take "just one more picture" and "could you repeat that?" as he told fascinating stories of the lives lived here long ago. 
Lives that cooked and baked and socialized and politicized.  Admiration for President Lincoln subtly whispered throughout the home. 
Blueberry buttermilk paint adorned the floors.  We oohed and aahed over the color! 
We observed jewelry made from real hair (yes real hair!) and there were hair extensions even back in 1855!  There seems to be "nothing new under the sun!"

Sprinkles of England were found too...leave it to me to find them!
Chad the tour guide told us that treasures are still being found hidden in the pages of books.  Hmmmm...sounds like a good scene for a book! 
I would have loved to be a part of this tea party. 

Have any of you seen this before?  This is a mustache cup!  It really was useful.  It kept the coffee and tea from soaking in to the mustache! 
I can't think of a better way to spend a bright summer day.  Thanks for the outing,  my kindred spirit friends.    



  1. Wasn't that the perfect way to spend an afternoon? And I was impressed with our tour guide who was not only very knowledgeable about Folsom House history, but clearly loved his job.

  2. Hi Brenda. It was a pleasant afternoon. I am like a sponge when I am with all of you. I am learning so much. What a pleasure and privilege to be a part of this group. You are a good friend. Thank you. Enjoy these warm sunny days...we know what is around the corner. I won't say the word! Blessings.

  3. I was sorry I couldn't come but as a result of working hard that afternoon our 5 Scottish highland cows were able to go into their re-fenced larger pasture and they are ecstatic! I'm hoping to come next time.

    1. Hi Delores.
      Sounds like you have some happy cows!
      So much to do on these summer days. We have to take advantage of daylight! It is going by fast as it is already August! Hope to see you at the next meeting. Blessings to you.