Monday, July 14, 2014


Meeting Big Ben,
a ride on the London Eye,
and a view like this
clarified to me that yes, indeed, we were in London.  Was I dreaming?  Nope.  I had arrived.    Playing tourist in this fairytale land most certainly was my cup of tea.
 However, the countryside called me, and I couldn't wait to get there.   Our dear friends John and Yvonne, would be meeting us at the train station.  (A story in itself...getting there... but that is for another blog.)  We would stay with John's sister Marion and her husband Alan.  A most magical treat awaited us as we arrived at their home. 
My jaws dropped open and I kept saying, "Wow.  Are we really staying here?"  I wondered what I ever did to deserve to be gifted with such a remarkable place to stay...this 15th century home.
This is the dining area.  So quaint isn't it.
The windows fascinated me.  Old.  Really old.  Love it. 

This is the room we stayed in.  Notice how Marion placed a Diana book in that collection on the table.  She thought of everything.
Orchids on the table in the morning, tea  (of course...we are in England!) and some glorious smelling hand lotion.  (I actually just went into my bathroom and pumped out a few squirts of the heavenly stuff on my hands!)  It was in Marion's  loo and so I tried it.  Now I am hooked.  So much so that I have it in my favorites for ordering when I run low.  Every time I use it, the scent takes me back to England.  What is it you ask?  Well...MOLTON BROWN London.  The fragrance is rose granati.  Not too strong.  Just right. 
Meet Marion.  We had a most pleasant time together.  She is one classy lady.  I wanted to find a cashmere sweater while in England.  We found one!  Wore it out for dinner this night.  Awe, such memories. 
We went for walks not far from their home.  Pinch me.  I really did see this. 
Would you live here?  I would in a heart beat.  This is a home in the neighborhood!
I miss you guys.  I am thinking an England trip needs to happen again soon.  We are blessed.  We have friends in England! 

How about you?  Where do your friends live?   

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