Monday, July 7, 2014


Friend:  A person attached to another by affection or regard
               A person who is not hostile.
This weekend we had the opportunity to gather with friends.  Different ones, on each day.  Friday, Saturday and Sunday. 
We spoke of kids and swans, dreams and wisdom, travels and water filled basements,  planting and planning the next gathering. 
Forgiveness even got a bit of attention.  Louie Zamperini was our guide.  Now there is an example of a person who was not hostile.  (Read the book UNBROKEN.  It just may change the way you think.)
I didn't really need the reminder that tea is balm for my soul.  I already knew that.  Reminding myself that I have really great friends ...the perfect remedy, salve, and soother  for all that ails me. 

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