Thursday, July 31, 2014

Wide awake

Wide awake.  Everyday.  That is how I want to live my life.
This is the view I see before I begin  the arduous undertaking just to the left of this picture...
THESE STEPS!  All 159 of them one way!  At least I think that is how many!   Every time I remember to count them, I am on my 3rd or 4th time up this grueling stair master,  and I don't care how many steps...I just want to get to the top!   Up and down, up and down, sweating, trying to go faster as I see these young whipper snappers literally flying up the steps.   I think they are showing off!  Skipping every other step, hardly breaking a sweat,  they are up and down before I make it one way!  Eventually I will get there.   I am enjoying the cool breeze, inhaling the free calories coming from the eateries conveniently located at the bottom of the steps!   My senses are in over drive.  The smells of hamburgers cooking on the grills, laughter  heard from visitors enjoying an evening out with friends, watching  boats glide through the water, and the secure feeling I get when I have to hang on to the railing as I pull myself up one more step!
As I walk through the neighborhood to get back to my car, I came across this garden.  I breathed in their beauty.  Just there for me to gaze at and be wide awake to notice.
Another non calorie reward...
A visit to the kitchen store...where I bought this...
A scone pan!  And yes, I made scones for breakfast.

And then there was the phone call.  The much needed one.  God knew I needed to hear from our son.  Remember, he is in Alaska.  This mother has imagined all kinds of conflicts going on.  I was more than awake when I heard the sound of his voice.  I screamed in the phone.  He told me to calm down!  The nerve!  He said, "guess where we are?"  Oh boy.  That just means he is on some adventure somewhere.  And indeed, he was.  He and his buddy decided it would be fun to go hiking "up some mountain range."  They got a few days off and decided to go explore.  So, for two nights, they hiked and enjoyed the scenery.  Living life.   He was thrilled to try to describe where they were.  He was awake. 
I was too...the rest of the night!  Before getting off the SAT phone, he told us that he could count 3 grizzly bear not far from him.  "They don't care about us mom."  I sat up lots during the night praying, just to make sure! 
I came across this story about a man who is living his life.  However long he may have, he is WIDE AWAKE.  Click on it!  It will make you think. 

What are you seeing in your daily life that makes you say, "I am WIDE AWAKE."     

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