Monday, August 25, 2014

Powis Castle

What a thrill to open the latest edition of my Victoria magazine and find among the pages a tour of Powis Castle!  Turning the pages brought me back to my own pilgrimage to this enchanting place not so long ago.
Let me be your tour guide to this centuries old showplace.
There is a walkway to get a peek at what you are about to see.  I was in awe.  Its the stuff of dreams.
My eyes were fixed on the topiaries.  Dessert for my eyes!
Here are our guys dwarfed by the topiaries!  Impressive isn't it!
 I know...WOW.  There are no words.  Simply breathtaking.  Can you see our friend John amongst the petals?!
This is a great place to get some walking in.  Actually, it felt more like floating.  Didn't seem real.
How does my garden grow?  Not like this one!  Just saying!
I saw happy people everywhere.  Happy happy happy people!!!
Look at the grass!  Lush.  Like walking on carpet.
It was a perfect day delighting in all things English!  My kind of place.  Go out and get this month's issue of the Victoria magazine.  It's the special British issue!  Happy reading.
                              Can you see why I didn't want to leave?  Byeeeeeeeee for now!

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