Monday, August 4, 2014

Hiking in England

This past week I was in a kitchen store. 
Among other things, I bought a new scone pan.
When I went up to the register to pay, the friendly gal behind the counter made small talk.

"I just made some scones this morning." 

That alone perked my ears up! She went on...

" I just got back from England, and wanted the reminder of my time there even if it was just last week."

"Ok, I'm all ears,"  I said.   " Where did you go?"

She proceeded to tell me all about her hiking adventure in England.  Hiking in England?  I am in!
She showed me pictures she had on her phone.  It looked incredible.

When I got home, I told my husband that we have a new goal. 
We have started the research. 
Here are some websites in case you are interested too!
I love the idea of walking from one  bed and breakfast to the next!
It sounds like you walk with just a day pack and then a company brings all of your luggage to the next bed and breakfast for you.  All you have to do is hike for the day and rest for the night at each stop. 
It sounds fabulous. 

You never know what information you will gather just by talking to someone in a store!  It is all about life and being friendly and great conversation.  Love it!

Have you ever hiked a long distance before? 
My resume consists of a walk down the Grand Canyon, 2 walking marathons, and numerous hikes in National and State Parks. 

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