Thursday, November 6, 2014

6 letter word

The word might as well be a 4 lettered dirty word.


I am confident most of us know someone who is dealing with it right now, or... a loved one has been taken from us because of it.

My mother in law never was sick.  Something was not right.  I went with her to the doctor and soon we were checking her in for tests.  It took awhile for all of us to figure out that we weren't on just any floor.  Nope.  We were on the oncology level.
We had 3 more weeks with her.  3 incredible, amazing weeks to somehow try to say goodbye to this wise woman who we all adored with all our hearts.
Even in the end, she thought of others.  Our son was the only grandchild she did not get to see graduate from high school.
She wrote him some words of wisdom in her own hand and put some cash inside the envelope.    She laughed as she said, "my account will probably be closed by then.  Not a good idea to write a check!"  She then made me promise not to give it to him until the day he graduated.  That would be almost a year later.   I still remember that day.    That letter is worth more to him than anything he could ever buy.
My kids were devastated by her loss.  We all were.  Still are.  There is a void.  She lived with absolutely no regrets.  We are grateful for her legacy.
I keep a gratitude journal.  I highly recommend it.  An account of all that there is in daily life to be grateful for.  This week my fingers are getting a workout!  I am filling the pages of my journal with thankfulness.  

Our dears friends, John and Yvonne, have spent most of this year dealing with the trials that come with a cancer diagnosis.  They are handling it with much grace and positive attitudes.  We are so incredibly blessed these two are in our lives.  We are better people because of them.  This week they received wonderful news.  The treatment is working.  Their doctor has told them to resume normal living.  This includes travel.  The planning has commenced!  We are rejoicing.

Then...some other dear friends.  Tom and Barb.  Barb has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer.  Her surgery was on the 4th of this week.  Imagine the surgeon as he begins to cut and finds NO TUMOR!  It was there just  days before,  and now it is gone.   There is no other explanation but to know that God intervened on her behalf.  It is simply a miracle.  I had to go and visit her last night and touch a miracle!  Such unspeakable joy.  We are again, rejoicing.

At work this week I heard of another cancer miracle.  A young girl...late teens...was diagnosed with 3 stage ovarian cancer.  So very rare and yet, it happened to her.  And now, 6 years later she is cancer free.  The stories are everywhere.  3 times in this one week I have heard good news.  Great news.

Gratitude.  Its a beautiful thing.


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