Monday, November 24, 2014

Being real

The friendship started in of all places...a dental office.

He got my attention with that accent.  Gets me every time...that English one.
We spoke throughout the appointment and by the end,  John had invited my husband and I to his home for tea with his wife Yvonne!
Little did he know I would take him up on that and soon the date was set!  I do wonder about that conversation when John got home.

 "Hey honey.  Met this woman at the dental office.  She seemed nice so I invited her and her husband for tea.  You don't mind do you?!"

Much has happened since that grand afternoon of tea and scones.  Mostly magical stuff like dinners at their home, a trip to the UK...(I know...I am still dreaming about that enchanted place.)   A  trip to Cancun (right about now would be nice again.  It is rather COLD here!  I am remembering tea by the sea!)
We have gone to the Diana exhibit at the Mall of America...Althorp trumped MOA by far!
The Science Museum and Exhibits to get a taste of what we were about to see in Mexico.

And there was that one time we almost burnt the neighborhood down...shhhhhh...that's our secret!

There are countless memories that are safe in my mind.
As I sit here, I still can't believe it.
We  have done so many wonderful things with these dear friends.  I am thankful.  But, mostly I am grateful for "being real" with them.
No time for games or drama.  Just real.
I've learned a lot from them.  It's not hard.  Both are geniuses.  Really.  They are.  Trust
But, it is not even"the smart" that impresses me.
They question me and ask why and expect an answer.  They are not afraid to tell me when I need to stop worrying and live.
They have that down good.  Living.  

They have reason to complain these days...yet they don't.  I've complained a lot.  Just ask my husband.
They make me better.  Isn't that what a friend should do?  Make us accountable.  And that is exactly them.  Real.  They do real.

I am still in awe over a gift I received just days ago.

An English Garden Quilt.

The time that Yvonne put into  this quilt humbles  me.  She  did it for me.   Me.  I do not know why we continue to receive the priceless blessings of such a friendship.   I am forever appreciative.  My children love them and I have to quote my son.  "We know why you are friends with them, but why are they friends with you?!"  Utter honesty.  Gotta love him!   All I know is REAL is a beautiful thing.  And we have it.  I am never letting go.

How about you have a REAL friendship?  It is a gift.  Don't ever take it for granted.

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