Thursday, November 13, 2014

Letters to Juliet

Don't you just love a movie that takes you to somewhere you have traveled?
Makes you sit up and take in the scene a little closer doesn't it?

Recently, I viewed the movie Letters to Juliet.  Filmed in Italy, it brought me back to our trip there earlier this year. 
In the movie, there is a scene where the characters are walking in the piazza del campo.  I leaped from the couch and excitedly yelled out loud, "I've been there.  I sat right there on the ground!"  No one was home but me.   I didn't care!  Yay for happy memories in Sienna!  

I am forever grateful I had the opportunity to visit that enchanting place, and ever so thankful I took the time to write every day in my journal about our experiences. 

Here is the trailer for Letters to Juliet.

Towards the end of the movie, a letter is read out loud. 
It goes something like this...
and If?
are two different words, but put them together...What if?  and you have two words that have the power to haunt you for the rest of your life. 

I found that profound. 

Do you have a favorite movie?  What is it?

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