Monday, November 10, 2014


I happened to be out one day with a friend and she brought me to this great store I had never been in before.
I was sucked in pretty quick to the corner of the store where journals were displayed.  Didn't take me long to find one I couldn't live without.
Then there were the cards and tea and chocolate...
We were just about to check out when I saw it.
 "What is that?" I asked excitedly.  

 The cashier replied, "Gift wrap."
I couldn't resist.  I bought a sheet of this gift wrap and it now hangs in my writing den.
I took a few other pictures of things that inspire me in my room.
Found this at IKEA.  Nothing screams England like the red telephone booths.  Notice my collection of Beatrix Potter tales.  One day I will be back in England visiting Hilltop.

My picture frame filled with pictures of Althorp, my London book, Big Ben
picture and my teapot.  Tea is an every day habit for me.

What inspires you?


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