Thursday, May 7, 2015

A visitor

The noise startled me.
One night this week I was reading in bed.  I heard a crunching noise just outside my window.
My heart started racing as I thought, its just my imagination.     

I heard it again.   Definitely not delusional.

Whatever it was...or worse yet...WHOEVER it was, stepped  on the rain gutter that was on the ground right underneath our window!
I crept out of  bed and crawled on my knees  to the lights.  I went around the house, flipping  on every single one!  
I'll show whoever is out there that I am on to them!  
Apparently that is not what one should do!  My husband told me that!  NEVER turn on the lights.  "Whoever is out there can see you, but you can't see them!"  I'll keep that in mind for next time!!

Meanwhile...I should add that I just found out that I need glasses!  No, not the kind that you drink out of.  Real ones.  The kind that help you  while driving at night and helps you read and actually see!

 They are on order!

Anyway...I am scared to look out the front window, but I do it anyway.  I rub my eyes and truly believe  my vision just might be a little off!     Remember, I need glasses!
With the window between us that could  easily break, there sat a  HUGE BLACK BEAR chomping on a snack of bird seed and suet right there just off our front deck!  I couldn't believe it.
He had snapped the pole off and was taking a snack break!    I thought for just a second to open the front door to get his picture, but then realized that maybe this would not be the most brilliant thing I  ever did,  so I called  my husband instead.

It was hard to sleep as I envisioned the bear breaking in the house!  I've read they can easily open a car door, so I went around and made sure all the doors were locked!  Yep...this is how my mind works!  Ridiculous!  As if locking the doors would stop a bear!

Have you had any critters..big or your yard lately?

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