Thursday, May 14, 2015

No chains

Looking for a few ideas on what color to paint my living room,  I headed for the magazine section in the bookstore.
Skimming through pages, I overheard...ok, maybe eavesdropped...on  a couple sitting close by.  They were deciding on where to go to eat. 
"Are you really hungry?" one asked the other. 
"Not really.  How about pizza?"

I interrupted and recommended  a pizza place nearby. 
"They have really good pizza," I declared.
"Oh, we know better.  Have you been to Bricks?" they replied. 
"Tell me more," as I put the magazine back and gave them my full attention. 

"Well, once you have Bricks,  your 'where should we order pizza' days are over!"  he proudly proclaimed. 
He spoke of the authentic flavors of Italy, along with their liking for the wonderful owner.

I had to ask.  "Have you been to Italy?"  Smiles ensued, and we shared a lovely conversation trading stories of the places we have set foot  in that grand part of the world.

I have met the nicest people in bookstores!

Last night  I took their advice and made my way to Bricks.  They were right.  AWESOME! 


Very authentic.  My taste buds took me back to a café in Cinque Terre where we had this exact pizza!  Margherita. 
I've decided I am going to see how long we can go without eating at a chain restaurant.  So much more fun to eat at a place like Bricks. 
Here is the website for bricks.

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