Monday, May 25, 2015

Aunt Mary

He died within days of my high school graduation.
I spent lots of time with him during my summer holidays.  I remember him well.
He was a man of his word.   My Uncle George.

One night, I was going on a date.  He told me to have fun, but "be home not one minute past midnight."
Easy request.

I was late.  Not by much.  Maybe ten minutes at the most.  But none the less, tardy.

"You're late.  Didn't I tell you to come home on time?"  I shrugged and brushed it off.  He didn't.
I spent the next day grounded, and ended up washing and waxing his truck for "punishment."  I would never be late again the rest of the summer.
You see, he loved me.  He was a paramedic and saw accident scenes that pierced his mind forever.
Mostly, he loved my aunt and my cousin Adam.

Those days after his death were difficult.  We were at a park and as I looked after Adam,   my aunt circled the  river walk.  The whys walked along side her as she wiped away tears.

Fast forward more than 25 years.   Things are different, as they should be.
Today  my Aunt is enjoying the United Kingdom!!
Here we are not long ago  at her favorite restaurant...  Lake Elmo Inn ...discussing all that she should see and do in England.  My only wish is that I could have gone with her!
 I wonder if she has seen him yet?
Or maybe him?
Has she passed under this bridge?
 Had a pint at this pub?
She loves to garden.  I am positive she has noticed the flowers!
 I told her she had to have a cup of tea and think of me!
I adore England and I adore my Aunt.  Such a pleasant thought to know she is enjoying my happy place right this very moment.

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