Monday, November 2, 2015

Bonfire night

Traveling a distance by car this past weekend gave me some time to thumb through some magazines.  (No worries.  I wasn't driving!)

This one is a favorite.
Inside, an article spoke of celebrations around the world.
Great Britain's Bonfire Night jumped from the page.
Bonfire night?  Never heard of it.

November 5 is the day.  It all started in 1605 when King James I survived an assassination attempt.  Whew!  1605 was a long time ago, so the king's survival is not the main focus of all the festivities. But still, that's worth repeating.
Above is an interesting article about Bonfire Night.  I found it fascinating.

Fireworks, bonfires, and general happy gatherings of friends and family is what Bonfire Night is  all about!
A toffee apple recipe was inside the article too.

Here it is if you care to give the treat a try.

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