Monday, February 6, 2017

A sapphire anniversary

Today marks the 65th Anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II accession to the throne.

If you have been watching The Queen, you know her father, King George VI, died from lung cancer at the age of 56. He died on this day, February 6, in the year 1952.

Queen Elizabeth II is the first British Monarch to reach the Sapphire Jubilee.

Have you seen The Queen? Of course, I have!
There is one line in particular in the first series that I think really spells out the incredible weight passed on to the Queen.

She said, "You owe me an apology." Words spoken from her to the disgraced Edward VIII.

Because he made the choice to abdicate, Queen Elizabeth's father became king. (Another great movie to see if you haven't is The King's Speech.) Further, because King George VI died so early in his reign from lung cancer, Queen Elizabeth' life took a 180 turn. She was next in line to the throne, and became Queen Elizabeth II. What an extraordinary woman she is.

While in England last June, I was given the above book. A book filled with fascinating details about the Queen.

A few being...

                           1200 people work for her, but she feeds her own dogs!

                           She never went to University, but has been adviser to 12 Prime Ministers.

                           She attends church weekly, prays daily, but never tells anyone they should go to                                    church.

                           She is committed to service.

                           Each Christmas she gives a Christmas broadcast.

                           She knows sorrow. It is said she will be contemplating the death of her father today.
                           Both her mother and sister died in the year 2002.

                           She was told by the Archbishop of Canterbury in 1952, she was 'God-called to exert                            a spiritual power and lead her subjects by her personal example.'

                           She has done just that. There has never been as much as a "whiff" of a scandal about                            her.

Queen Elizabeth II was called by God to do her duty. She has filled the role with integrity and much grace and courage. She is an exceptional woman.

Congratulations to Queen Elizabeth II and to the UK on this wonderful Sapphire Jubilee milestone.  


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