Thursday, February 9, 2017


Don't let the picture fool you. Yes, that is a 1/3 measuring cup. I filled it once, ate the addictive treat, and decided I needed some more so I filled it up AGAIN! (Don't ask me if I filled it up yet another time!) Maybe I did. Maybe I didn't!

A friend brought these over a few nights back. Now I'm hooked! I hate her! (Not really-wink wink!) I've never had muddy buddies before. They would have to be brownie supreme to boot! UGH!

I predict the bag will gone by tomorrow evening. Maybe sooner!

Do you have a favorite snack?
Buyer beware: if you buy muddy buddies, take a 1/3 cup,  (that's the serving size) and then put the bag a long way from your reach. I'm telling you, your waistline will thank me.

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