Monday, February 27, 2017

Lavender. It's one of my favorite essential oils.
When I smell the heavenly scent, I think of England.  There are many lavender fields across the pond.
You can walk down the many rows and even get a massage in the field! Doesn't that sound lovely?!
Below,  a few links to peruse.

Did you know there is a lavender field here in America? I sure didn't.

Hubby and I are taking a holiday to Seattle this summer. We've been researching what to do while visiting. We are taking a ferry to Victoria Island, among other places. We were following  the map, deciding which islands to stop in. Friday Harbor popped up.

The more I clicked, the more I liked. I squealed when the island revealed a lavender field!

Bet you can't guess where we're staying! (Wink wink!)

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