Thursday, March 23, 2017

Baby Girl

Yesterday my baby girl turned 27.
Frank Sinatra sang it best when he belted out, You're too good to be true. That's my baby girl. Too good to be true.

She's a huge Frank fan. I think it's pretty neat that a 27 year old enjoys the oldies.

Kayla was born at 10:39 in the morning. I remember every detail. (I'll spare you!) But, I will say she came fast and ready for anything. Not much bothers Kayla.  She has her father's disposition. Lucky for her! Kayla lives out the mantra Go Big or Go Home.
University life gave her some of life's greatest lessons and many best friends. I'm so glad she was able to achieve this life goal.
    Celebrating graduation.

Kayla is known for her big hair! Curly and dark brown, it adorns her beautiful face.  She is a happy girl. Always has been.

This year is a big one for her. A new house. A WEDDING. It's all very exciting.
One thing I can't wait to see...what her hair is going to look like! Will she wear it up or down?

One thing I know for sure.
I will love you forever, my baby girl. Happy birthday.

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