Thursday, June 1, 2017

A Long Walk

A few friends and I decided it would "be fun" to walk around Mpls/St Paul for 13.1 miles. 😊

Not sure swollen ankles, dehydration and fingers that end up looking like sausages would define "fun," but we sure tried!

I found plenty to smile about along the route. Come, reminisce with me.
About two minutes into the walk, we found this cat! Right in the front yard! I couldn't pass up the photo op, complete with my pink compression socks! Cute, eh?!
Gnomes and fairies, oh my!
I shouldn't have been surprised to find little libraries on the route. They were everywhere.
This one is made out of aluminum. Notice the pop cans!
You know I had to take a photo of this little library! Doctor Who! So cool.
Who doesn't love Dr. Seuss!

We walked down the middle of the worries! Plenty of room for dogs, kids, frisbees. A communal playground! I walked slow through this neighborhood. Shhhhh...don't tell my friends. They thought I was pausing to stare at these idyllic homes. Fooled them! My legs were killing me!
So, what would you do if you were standing on a bridge taking this photo and your friend says, "see that bridge way out there?"

"Yep," I reply.

"We're walking across that bridge eventually!"

I wanted to punch him!

I forgave him when we landed at this place.
I laughed so hard when I read this sign I nearly peed my pants!
Seriously, these donut balls are so addictive. The best donuts I have ever had. EVER!

Did you know tomorrow, June 2, is National Donut Day? I had no idea! But, I know where to stand in line to get some!

Our group loved the walk so much, we're doing it again soon.
I have a feeling this shop will be on the route!

Do you love donuts? Where do you get them from?

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