Thursday, June 22, 2017

Guess where we went

Holidays are great fun. Especially when you travel to somewhere you've not been before.  Any guesses where we landed?
Yes, it's June and yes, I'm wearing a warm jacket!
Are these not the most beautiful flowers ever? Guess what kind.
My nose sniffed these lovelies more than once. (Lupines is the answer!  Does that give away where we are?!)
Harbor view. (The building in the photo would be your greatest hint as to where we ventured off!)
Yes, that would be the sun!
First Starbucks ever! Now do you know where we are?
Why yes I'd like to browse in the bookstore!
They threw fish! They actually threw a fish! Missed me...whew!
Who knew chewing a wad of gum and then sticking it to a wall would be called 'art.' The Gum Wall. I wonder if anyone has ever taken a piece...Ok, that's GROSS!! Really GROSS. Don't do that, okay? Okay!
Did you know this? Fascinating.
So fun to watch the little kids enthralled with the fish!
There really is a Starbucks on every corner!
Dead giveaway! Surely you've guessed!
View from the harbor tour.
By the end of the day, we were ready for a rest. And this was just the first day! This was our first time staying at an air b and b. Have you ever stayed at one before? Good? Bad?  We LOVED this one. Very chic and clean. Close in walking distance to everything. We would highly recommend trying it out. So fun to feel like a local!

Going anywhere fun this summer? Where?

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