Thursday, June 29, 2017

Full Day in Seattle

How convenient. Our air b and b was just steps from this doughnut shop! Yes, the doughnuts were spectacular, but did you notice the books?! I was officially on holiday when we walked in this place. Doughnuts and books. Now there's a great combination!

Filled with sugar, we were off to our day. Space Needle here we come. While standing in line, we got to read a bit about how the Needle came to be.
Scribbling on a napkin. All great ideas start with a napkin! Isn't that how J.K.Rowlings started?
Somebody quoted, "Every dream begins with a dreamer." Are you a dreamer? I'm working on it!
I thought this was pretty impressive.
When the Space Needle opened, I bet the lines were longer than the one we stood in to get to the top!
 How different the world is today. We asked a few boys in front of us if they had ever seen a phone like the one in the picture. We told them we still have one hanging on our wall at home. They looked at the phones they held in their hands and proceeded to look at us like we were OLD! Really old. SIGH!
 Remember when we watched The Jetsons and thought there is absolutely NO WAY life could ever get to that point?  I mean really...flying cars? Come on!  Hmmmm...I'm thinking we're closer than we ever thought possible!
I've never been to the Eiffel Tower, but this view was pretty spectacular.

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