Monday, June 26, 2017


Lavender reminds me of England.

While on holiday last week, we found a whole field of it.
Not quite at its purple peak, but pretty close.
Just being there was soothing.
Can't you just smell the calm?
Such a great place to take deep breaths!
Yes, there's a gift shop. And yep, I bought a few items. Okay, maybe more than a few! They made it way too convenient. Free shipping! My package arrived this weekend. It was like opening a Christmas present in June! A gift from me to me! Essential oils, shampoo, linen water...all with the scent of lavender.
Check out the way my bookmark was packaged!
I've already got the page marked in my book!

Do you like the aroma of lavender?
Check out Pelindaba Lavender online.

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