Thursday, September 14, 2017

Like Royalty

Our wedding was the stuff of fairy tales.
The bride was stunning. The groom, dashing.

Everything was perfect. (Except for when the bride got a nosebleed! It stopped eventually. Whew! Something has to go wrong! At least it didn't get on her dress.)

The memories will last a lifetime. Even the water bottle speech from the wedding coordinator at the rehearsal in the church. Makes me laugh when I think of it!

The weather was spectacular. Planned just for us! I can't wait to see the photos.

I want to remember it all.  The father/daughter dance, my son dancing (yep, stories. wink wink) I wish we could do it all again this weekend! It all went by so fast.

Remember Princess Diana's wedding cake? The 5 ft. high, 255 pound, had to make two just in case? Yeah, that one. Well, ours was better! WAY better!

All because of her.

My dear friend Yvonne made it all. Her hubby John was instrumental in the engineering of it! I'm guessing he made sure a sign that read Wedding Cake On Board was visible in the back window of the car while they delivered it to the venue!

Yvonne's daughter Lisa helped too. Everyone raved about the cake. And I mean everyone.

The caterers, the wait staff, our guests, security at the venue...EVERYONE. The photographer said it was the best cake he has EVER had. Now there's a compliment. He does weddings all the time. A cake is a cake, but not this one.
The caterer told us "We want her to make them for us! That is the most stunning cake we've  ever seen. AND (emphasis on AND!) the cake inside is even better."

All we could say is, "WE KNOW!"

Look at it! It's the most amazing piece of art I've ever seen.

Thank you doesn't seem enough, Yvonne. It was everything Kayla dreamed it would be, and more. Way more.

(I'm off to eat a piece for breakfast!)


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