Thursday, September 21, 2017

My forever friend

Weddings are a preview of what heaven must be like.

How wonderful to have family and friends gathered in one place.

At our daughter's wedding, we were blessed to spend time with  loved ones we haven't seen in a long while.

One in particular I couldn't wait to see was my childhood friend, Alicia.

I was beyond excited when her reply came back stating she would be attending.
We have been friends since the 5th grade. Sleepovers happened frequently.  Mostly at her house.  We would stay up all night  talking about boys and laughing until our bellies hurt.  I have the fondest memories of those days.
They were the best of times and yet they were the worst.

You see, life sometimes isn't fair.  I will never forget the day when a boy on a bicycle peddled at breakneck speed up my driveway notifying me I need to get to Alicia  immediately.  "She needs you RIGHT NOW." That's all I remember him saying.

Oh the heartache that ensued.

I love our friendship with all my heart. She is one of my dearest friends. We always said we would be in each other's wedding. A promise kept.
We both married really great guys. She has four girls who are lovely beyond words, and
 I just married off my beautiful daughter and danced the night away with my son.

Alicia and I reminisced as much as we could. I made sure her and Joe were seated at my table at the wedding! We decided to try our hardest to meet at least once a month from now on. I can't wait to see her again.

I hope you have a friend like Alicia in your inner circle. A friend like this is rare. I know how blessed I am.  

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