Monday, September 25, 2017

Michelle Griep

Meet my BFF, Michelle Griep.
We met a few years back now while attending a writing group. We hit it off right away because we both LOVE England. I think she may love it more than me. GASP!

I got to know her even better while spending the weekend together at a writing retreat.

I asked her if she would look over my writing and tell me how to improve it. She let me know all right...GULP!

I'm so thankful for her honest critique. She has made me a better writer. She told me I was "teachable," which apparently isn't always the case among writers.

Michelle is zany and super fun to hang around. She is a gifted writer.
This book...died laughing reading every page. Hysterical.

Michelle was in Texas this weekend and won a huge award. A Carol Award. It's the equivalent of winning an Emmy in Hollywood! So very thrilled for her. 
This is her latest project. Dickens! I can't wait to read.  Thursday evening of this week she is having her book launch at the Barnes and Noble in Edina at the Galleria. I'm excited to celebrate with her. 

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