Thursday, March 22, 2018

28 years ago

28 years ago at 10:39 a.m., a baby entered the world. A baby girl. 

Kayla Gail
She is perfect (mostly-wink wink!) and she is ours.
It was a rough delivery. Most are. Especially when there's no time for helpful meds! I'll spare you the details, but wow, Kayla came fast and furious.

I wouldn't let her out of my sight. We bonded!

When Great Aunt Alice saw Kayla for the first time, I remember her saying, "She's the most beautiful baby anyone has ever seen."

I just smiled and Alice kept on..."No really, she's the most beautiful baby anyone has ever seen. Most babies are ugly, but not her. She's the most beautiful baby anyone has ever seen!"

Tell me how you really feel, Aunt Alice!!  Bless her soul!

Baby toes are so cute! 

Every little girl needs a dolly.
Chillin' with Gpa. One of my treasured photos of my dad. He's Kayla's angel now. I know he's watching over her.
  Kayla has her father's demeanor. She's always happy.
The two are so much alike. Full of adventure.

Kayla is 28 today. I've been looking back at her photo albums. What a stubborn and extremely strong willed child she was. I have to say her personality has served her well.

She is a delight to our family. Now 28 and married with a life of her own, it's a joy to be around her and watch her as an adult.

Mother and daughter. The two of us couldn't be more opposite.

The more people around her, the more Kayla thrives. NOT ME! I definitely get my energy being by myself.

Tea for me. Beer and wine for her.

Beach holiday for her. England surrounded by gardens and books for me.

Numbers girl =Kayla.

I had to put this song in here. It's totally Kayla and definitely not me! My kids absolutely HATE driving with me! I'm THAT slow!

Do you remember this song? Can you drive 55? 

Happiest of birthdays, baby girl. I love you forever.


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