Monday, March 26, 2018

Reading material

When I heard a new book was coming out about Prince Harry, I grabbed my 20% coupon and darted off to Barnes and Noble.

I'm getting to know Meghan through the pages of this non fiction story.

In case you're wondering, these two are truly in love. It's a real life fairy tale.  The American gets her prince. Its a lovely story with a Happily Ever After.  The two managed to dodge the press for at least six months of their courtship. Yes, he's a prince. And yes, we want to know all the details and get a glimpse of the two whenever we can.

I'm so guilty. If I saw the two of them in public, I know for sure I would run to them and take a picture. Ugh. That just sounds so juvenile, but alas, so true. I love the royal family.

Those who are in the public eye most definitely pay a price. Their privacy is taken from them whenever they step out.  Judgement is eminent with their every move. Wearing no make up, the wrong pair of jeans or a poor choice of outerwear...its all up for scrutiny.

For that, I am more than thankful I'm just a citizen living a great life and no one's looking.

"To whom much is given, much is expected."   These two have been given much. It's a heavy burden to be part of the royal family. So much pressure. But, they seem to handling it well.

Can't wait for the Royal Wedding. May 19 can't come soon enough. I'll be the one up early glued to my telly.

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