Monday, February 10, 2014

Basildon Park

If walls could talk.
Who wandered these halls?
What was it like to live here?
So Downton Abbey like.  Did they have a gardener?  Must have.  Imagine fresh flowers...daisies and roses and hyacinths.  The scents tickling the noses of all who enter this mansion.  
I look at this picture and think of the windows.  So many to wash!  It must have been a daunting task.
A beautiful view.  Quite breathtaking actually. 
An excellent place to play hide and seek.  There are many woods around the park.  Children most certainly must have entertained themselves exploring this vast land. 
Looks like my backyard...NOT!  So much open space. 
I was just reading about Basildon Park and an episode from Downton Abbey was filmed here! 
You can read about it by following this link

Are you a Downton Abbey watcher?  Who is your favorite character?  Least favorite?
I believe mine to be The Countess of Grantham.  She has such wit and can really pull off some zingers! 
The sign welcomes us to Basildon Park.  Here, one can gain entry to the house and there is a quaint gift shop to browse.  We strolled through a wooded area and then there it was , this tremendous residence waiting for us to tour. 


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