Thursday, February 27, 2014


Come this Christmas, I will be curious to go and see the movie that Angelina Jolie is now producing. 
Admittedly, she is not a favorite of mine.  But, seeing her in an interview with Louis Zamperini has me thinking.  Hmmmm...
Not sure what the movie will be called, but I have read the book and it is called UNBROKEN by Laura Hillenbrand.  It is an excellent read.  I highly recommend it.  Definitely not my normal genre read, but wow, it is a page turner. 
It is about a man (Louis Zamperini) who survives conflict after conflict.  True life events that are inconceivable. 
A plane crash, surviving in the ocean, POW camp.  Some parts are so hard to read.  It is unthinkable what man can do to another man.  Evil.  Such evil. 
While I was watching the interview, I am convinced that Angelina loves this man.  She stated that , "it is important to get it right."  I believe her. 
I also think this is personal for her.   She wants to get this story accurate.  I applaud her. 
There is a definite bond between these two souls. 
Very fascinating to hear that they lived near each other in California, and never knew it.  For ten years, they were neighbors.
Life is strange that way.  Full of twists and turns.   They have come together for "such a time as this" to do this film. 

Cameras followed her as she made her way into Louis' house for the interview.  She seemed to ignore the camera.  She was on a mission.  To sit by and speak eloquently of, and to, this special man.  This kind, frail, 97 year old man who stole her heart just by being him.  How I wish I could meet him.  He is the grandfather that every girl wants.  He was humble during the interview and full of life.  A fully alive man.  How blessed is she to produce a movie about such a wise soul. 

Have you read the book?  What did you think?

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