Monday, February 24, 2014

Is this Narnia?

Pretty sure I just stepped through the wardrobe and landed in Narnia. 
Lucy must have been awestruck as she made her way through the winter wonderland of Narnia.  It indeed took her breath away as it did mine. 
As I roamed, there it was...the lamp post!  Can you see it?
Walking farther along, I happened to look down at the snow covered forest floor.  Tracks abounded everywhere.  I wonder if the forest friends were playing tag with each other?  I looked at one set of tracks a little closer.  Could it be?  I am thinking....maybe Mr. Tumnus is near?  What do you think?
The excitement was mounting.  All was still in this magical place.   I could hear  the sound of snow relinquishing its grip on the very top branches of the evergreen tree next to me.  I tried to pass under the tree before it blasted me with snow.  I would say it was daring me to a snowball fight.  Or...maybe it was the white witch??    Brushing off the coat of snow, I moved on.  I came around a bend in the path and I do believe I stumbled upon Mr and Mrs Beaver's home! 
It was a beautiful walk.  One I shall not forget anytime soon.  The beauty of winter was everywhere.  I felt His presence all along the path. 
The ice is starting to melt.  I just know that "Aslan  is on the move." ---CS Lewis. 



  1. Oh, Gail...this is LOVELY! What a gift you stumbled upon!

  2. Hi Ros. It was AMAZING. Still am in awe. Blessings to you.