Thursday, February 13, 2014

Valentines Day

We all say it.
"Have a good day.  See you tonight."  Hopefully, we throw in a quick  "I love you" as we hurry out the door  naively thinking  we will do it all again the next day. 
I spent some time looking through some old memories from Valentine Days gone by.  It brought giggles and smiles and oohs and aaahs.  Plenty of "I remember that" as I unhurriedly looked through my treasure box of cards and other things I could never part with. 
Funny cards, emotional  ones, and homemade ones.  All with a story behind each one.  There was that one with the Hershey kisses that were hot glued to the paper.  Each "kiss" for each day in February.  Oh, and the one that was pretty sappy...."Now that I have kissed the ground you walk on....I will shower you with Flowers." --anonymous.  
My husband had generously put Hershey kisses everywhere I would walk in the house.  Then he proceeded to put flowers in the shower!!
 How good today my life is,  for tomorrow it could be different.         
I was reading the paper this week.  A woman about my age dressed in black.  That morning,  she was living her life, saying "Have a nice day" to her husband.  In an instant, her whole world changed.    How could she have known that day would be her last with him?  She didn't.  None of us do.       I don't even know her, but I can only imagine her pain.    Is she playing the last voicemail message he left on her phone over and over careful not to hit the delete button? 
Or sleeping on his side of the bed, wrapped in his clothes?    Life can be cruel. 
It also is full of lessons for all of us.  Live today. 
Say, "I love you."  What better day than Valentines Day?  Say it loud to those you love...a spouse, a friend, a child, a grandparent, the dog, the cat....Just say it.     


  1. whew, got chills.... yes, and don't wait for V-day.... say it every day!!
    Keep writing, friend!

  2. Beautiful post, Gail. Such true words. Make every moment count. :)
    PS Loved "meeting" you at the chat tonight. You have a great blog!