Thursday, March 13, 2014


They were all  between the ages of 18 and 21
Two separate accidents this past week
Icy roads
3 in one car
4 in the other
7 lives lost

Hard to turn off the thoughts in my head repeating the question, "What if...."

I have a boy
Just turned 21
Travels in a car at times
Icy roads everywhere where he is in college
In fact, snowed AGAIN

One of the parents was quoted, "we had 21 great years with him.  for that we are grateful."

I did not know any of these families.  I still grieve for their unimaginable losses. 
As I sit here, I am quite sure I would not be brave.

I am learning to TRUST in this new year.

Quoting CS Lewis..."If and when a horror turns up, you will then be given grace to help you.  I don't think one is usually given it in advance...."

Life is day by day.  Hour by hour. 
I am thankful each day that God grants me life to be with my family. 
I love to hear my children's voices and wake next to my husband. 
May I never ever take for granted that gift. 

May God wrap his loving arms around these families and give them peace. 




  1. Such a tragedy. Every parent's worst fear. Thank you for sharing such beautiful thoughts, Gail.

    1. Hi dear. Day by day I am getting better with the TRUST thing! Then Whamo. A story hits the news such as these tragedies. Can't help but feel emotion. I am praying every day for these parents. Soooo thankful for you. Not one bit of pessimism in you. I must drive you nuts!!! are stuck with me! Blessings. I love you.