Monday, March 17, 2014

Worth repeating

Back in August 2013, I blogged about Susan Branch. 
She went on  a little trip across the pond to lovely England not long ago. 
Went on the Queen Mary 2 and kept a diary of all that she did. 
She draws and writes and creates the most incredible illustrations. 
Her penmanship is an art in itself. 
This is her book:  A Fine Romance.  Falling in love with the English Countryside. 
It puts me in my happy place every time I pick it up. 
Tea cups, recipes, advice.  There is even a page on "What to ask for on your birthday."
I won't give her list away.  You must get the book! 
Here is a sample page:
Today I spent some time on her web page.
I was perusing her past blog entries. 
June 27, 2011 appealed to me.  It was about How to make a Peggy Pie.  Susan went into great detail about how this woman brought her a pie and how that affected her.  Right down to the towel it was wrapped in.  You must go and read it. 
Everything about this website is simply marvelous. 
Take just a few minutes and go have a look. 
It will put a smile on your face.  Guaranteed. 
Oh...Go get the book too. 
On one of her blogs, she tells what kind of camera she has.  On my list to get a new camera, so I am taking her advice. 

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