Monday, March 3, 2014

Blue bird tea paperie

Handwritten letters are my favorite way to communicate. 
Whenever I receive one, I make a cup of tea, sit in my favorite chair,  and relish the time spent reading the cherished piece of mail. 

A letter feels personal.  Intimate.  Someone took the time to pen their thoughts to me.  I love that. 

I write to my kids a lot.  One day while face to face  I asked my son, "do you even read my letters or do you just take the cash and run?!"    He looked at me with the most insulted look!  "of course I read your letters.  They help me get through my week." 

On Mother's Day last year, both of my kids were telling me that they "did good this year."  I looked at them,  puzzled.  "You'll see" was their reply. 
Together they made me a collage. 
Pictures of us scattered throughout of days gone by.  What I really loved were the notes.  Notes that I had wrote to them and they saved them and put some on the collage.  "The comforter" "I adore you" to name a few.  I keep it hung close to my desk in my den.  Notes mean a lot. 
I found the perfect notecards.  Teacups blended throughout the cards.  Stacked cups, dozens displayed in rows, these cards are so English.  I love them.  So fun to write on. 
Take a look for yourself. 
How about you still write handwritten notes?   

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