Monday, May 19, 2014

Tea/Solitude and the Pleasure of Company

As I sip my cup of English Breakfast tea, thoughts of a recent trip to a tearoom come to mind. 
While browsing the gift shop, this was in the window.
."Strange how a teapot can represent at the same time the comforts of solitude and the pleasures of company.--Author Unknown

Here I am, alone in my den.  Just me and my tea.  Pondering my day and all that needs to be done.  I'd take a picture, but... My hair is pulled back with a band, taming the strands that are quite unmanageable this morning.  I am still in my footie pajamas...I was a bit chilly going to sleep last night...still am actually!  No make-up on, which today I will need because I woke up with my chin hurting...more like, first finding my glasses,  I put them on only to have a gargantuan zit staring back at me in the mirror, festering, pleading with me to stop the pain.   Of course I did, remembering the days of junior high and how instantaneous relief comes from popping them, splattering "stuff" on the mirror!  (I know you've been there!)  I thought I was too old to get these!...I think you get the picture!  Solitude. 

This is a picture of me with the pleasure of company. 
I so much enjoy having tea with friends.  Especially John and Yvonne.  We have loads of fun.  Here we are at the Avalon tea room.  A lovely place to meet and stuff yourself with tea food.  The four of us (my husband is taking the picture!) each had our own pot of tea filled with our, oolongs, and green teas.  Fruit, quiche, chicken sandwiches, scones were all on our plates. 
Desserts are always a must for me.  Here is the dessert I just had to have!
Another treat was getting a ride in this car to the tearoom!
The Avalon tea room is a great place to have tea with friends.  The website
The day is looking gloomy and chilly today.  My cup is empty.  Time for another cup of English Breakfast.   


  1. It was such a lovely time! You have probably realized that your zit may have been begun and fed by that cupcake, right? Ha!

  2. I am thinking that cupcake was worth the zit! Hugs, Gail

  3. I think it would be awesome to visit a tea room. I love a good hot cup of green tea especially in the winter cold days. The plate in the top picture is really pretty. It reminds me of the plates my ex-mother-in-law had. She said I could have them if I wanted them, because she got a new set of dishes. She said they were old and she didn't like them. I said yes yes I would love them they're so pretty. She had them boxed up in the basement for years. Once in awhile she would say "I'll have to get the plates some day and give them to you". This was in the early 70's and she passed away in the early 80's. My ex-father-in-law knew about the plates. I was going through the divorce right before he passed in 1990. Well my ex-husband would not give me the plates, and now still will not give them to me. My one son said one day while he was in the basement at the house and he saw them. Forgot to tell you my ex got the house. Twenty-three years late and my pretty plates are still in a box in that dark icky basement. The sad thing is I still want them, haven't given up hope! Why! The plates are pretty and I still love and miss my ex-mother-in-law. The plates would be a nice remembrance of her.

    1. Hello Donna. Thank you for commenting. Yep. Tea is wonderful...especially on cold days! Nothing like a good book and a cup of tea. I am saddened to hear of such loss loss in your life. I am so sorry. I, too, was extremely close to my mother in law. Her passing was very difficult on our entire family. I have not personally experienced divorce, but know many close to me who have. There is always hope for the plate to someday make its way into your hands. We are in the midst of having to "loosen our grip" so to speak with many of our possessions due to flooding. It has been difficult. But, we have our memories and no one can take those away from us. Just like you, no one can take away the wonderful memories you have with your mother in law. They are packed away deep in your thoughts and you get to unpack them any time you wish. Thank you again for commenting. I wish you lots and lots of joy. May God make His face shine upon you and bring you peace. Blessings to you Donna.